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The Sound Box

Our work is looking at Killa (fort) and seeing how nature through the trees is again reclaiming the site.

We have been collecting sounds from around Killa and local industries and capturing them inside the box. Visitors to the Killa will be able to enter the box and listen/enjoy the sounds we have captured. The 4 funnels and the labyrinth of tubes will also send sound to the box.

The sculptural element of the work is a way of visually connecting both nature and the manmade.

The choice of cardboard as our material from the industrial scrap is very important as it originates from wood and is a renewable product. The Cardboard assimilates and contradicts the Killa site.

We have collaborated with a sound engineer Gaurav Kapadia in the production of the sound piece.


Ivan Smith – UK

Siddhartha Kararwal – INDIA




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