Ivan Smith


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Memorial Bench
  Church Memorial
  Lamp Memorial
  Trolley at Train Station
  Market Place Bench


This project involved locating and isolating street furniture throughout urban environments and covering each isolated item in a spider’s web of bungee ties.

This interference within the urban setting re-identifies the aesthetics and function of street furniture forcing its inhabitance to take a new and clearer view of its surroundings, how it functions and their responsibilities to it?

The bungee tie is a nostalgic mass produced product, which has its historical identity firmly associated with outside pursuits in particular camping, self determining holidays, the freedom of the open road at your finger tips, access to the countryside on a budget…but what really singles the bungee tie out is its potent danger to the user, it has inflicted so much damage to eye, hand and other body parts of would be holidaymakers over the years.

This practical but dangerous object has fascinated me since my childhood, by using the bungee tie in a chaotic and functionless way I am attempting to explore a more visual organic interpretation for this multiple. Relating it to the spider and its web building process I am attempting to challenge the existing parallels between order and chaos…

The work exists in two forms, one as a sculptural intervention within the urban landscape, the other as a photographic realisation of the time based intervention.

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