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ARTISTS: Bijan Amini-Alavijeh (UK), Joe Cotgrave (UK), Kate Genever (UK), Juan Cristóbal Gracia (Mexico), Siddhartha Kararwal (India), Bijan Moosavi (Iran), Andrew Singleton (UK), Ivan Smith (UK), Katie Numi Usher (Belize)

ASSOCIATE ARTISTS: Anthony Shepherd (UK) and Emily Simpson (UK)

Migration Day 1a Migration Exhibition Preview

(Image: Pete Singleton)

Migration_Week_Two_Day_Three Soup – Space intervention 1

(Image: Pete Singleton)

Migration_Week_Three_Day_One Soup – Space intervention 2

(Image: Pete Singleton)

Migration_Week_Three_Day_Three_Soup_Kitchen Soup – Space intervention 3

(Image: Pete Singleton)

Migration_Week_Four_Day_One Soup – Space intervention 4

(Image: Pete Singleton)

Soup_Space Soup – Space installation images

(Image: Pete Singleton)


Migration: International Residency has been organised by Ivan Smith in collaboration with The Art House and Wakefield City of Sanctuary. The residency brings together artists from India, Mexico, Belize, Iran and the UK to work alongside each other in Wakefield. Throughout May 2017, the artists have been developing new work in response to the theme of ‘Migration’, engaging with the city of Wakefield and its people.

As Wakefield is one of five cities designated to host people seeking asylum in the UK, the theme of the residency holds particular resonance here. At any one time, up to 300 people are housed in an Initial Accommodation Centre in Wakefield while their cases for asylum are prepared. If a person is believed to have a valid claim, he or she is dispersed to other temporary housing in the region until a decision is made; however, when claims for asylum are rejected, these men, women and children are often left destitute with little or no state support.

City of Sanctuary is a national grassroots movement committed to building a culture of hospitality and welcome for refugees and asylum seekers. In Wakefield, City of Sanctuary supports people at every stage of the asylum process, running social groups, drop-in-advice sessions, a clothing distribution centre and an allotment.

Throughout the residency, the artists have been collaborating with Wakefield City of Sanctuary to develop an understanding of their work and the situations of refugees and asylum seekers in the region. Through their diverse practices, the artists have developed new work and engaged in the public actions and performances presented in this exhibition.

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