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Open Market Wakefield Open Market, Wakefield
Fell House Wakefield Fell House, Wakefield

DESIRE…LINES is a sculptural installation which was placed in the open market, here in Wakefield for one day on Monday 20th July.

The artwork consists of four lines of black bungee rope tied between three empty market stalls. The bungee rope forms a path through the stalls that can only be accessed when the market is quiet as it was on Monday.

If a member of the public chooses to walk through the designated area it will take them at an angle away from their desired path. The work attempts to look at how the members of the public use their urban environment, an environment that has been planned and laid out by architects and city planners. DESIRE…LINES looks at how we create our own paths and movement through the city, how we take ownership and bring life to designed spaces.

DESIRE…LINES is part of an International Artists Residency taking place throughout July in Wakefield. Artists from all around the world have join with artists from Wakefield to make artworks in and around Wakefield.

An exhibition of the work made during the residency can be seen at Fell House on Market Street WF1 1DF on Wednesday 29th July between 5pm and 9pm, all are welcome.

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