Ivan Smith

Fine Rats International

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Video Exhibition
Premier at Musee de Marseille,  France
Down the Drain
City Centre Wasteland
Birmingham, UK
Redundant Coal Mine
Coalville, UK
Under Spaghetti Junction
Gravely Hill Intersection
Birmingham, UK
Out of Order
Empty Towerblock
Smethwick, UK
Vacant Possession
October 1991
Industrial Estate
Telford, UK
M5 Dreams & Desires
June 1991
Black Country, UK

In 1990, along with a group of four other artists, Smith formed Fine Rats International, to exploit the need for artist lead initiatives – the result was a dynamic exploration of site-specific locations on a scale never before seen in the United Kingdom. In 1993 Fine Rats International developed its signature project ‘Under Spaghetti Jumctino’ which took place over two nights underneath Birmingham’s most notorious landmark. During this period Smith’s work developed through this experience in scale and became even more challenging and ambitions, with the introduction of multi-media elements such as video, light, sound and kinetics, providing a dynamic force within his sculptural installations.

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