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Desire...Lines Day 1 Desire…Lines Day 1
Desire...Lines Day 2 Desire…Lines Day 2
Desire...Lines Day 3 Desire…Lines Day 3
Desire...Lines Day 4 Desire…Lines Day 4
Desire...Lines Day 5 Desire…Lines Day 5

DESIRE…LINES is a sculptural installation, which was developed during a five-day residency as part of Artcore’s ‘Invisible Boundaries’ project at the Arboretum Park in Derby, September 2015.

Over the course of five days, five sculptural installations were developed occupying different section of the park over the course of one day. Every morning I installed a new desire…line within the park using bungee rope and upright steel poles. The artwork consists of four lines of black bungee rope tied between several vertical steel poles. The bungee rope forms a path through the park, which can be accessed from either end.

The installation invited the public to either engage or avoid the work; this began a conversation about how the public use their urban spaces and how and why the spaces were designed the way they were.

If a member of the public choose to walk through the designated area it took them at an angle away from their desired path. The work attempts to look at how the members of the public use their urban environment, an environment that has been planned and laid out by architects and city planners. DESIRE…LINES looks at how we create our own paths and movement through the city, how we take ownership and bring life to designed spaces.

DESIRE…LINES was first developed during ‘HOME & AWAY‘ an International Artist Residency, which took place during July 2015 in Wakefield.

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