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Extrapool is an artist initiative in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

We have a music studio, a (stencil) print shop, an art space, a shop and guest rooms.

While in the art field changes take place almost continuously, Extrapool stays alert and in the ‘now’. We are flexible, but solid. In the two decades of its existence, Extrapool is characterized by its unique identity: all the seemingly separate parts of Extrapool make up for an interwoven unity.

Extrapool connects DIY culture with curator art and makes a cross over between pop culture and visual arts. We try to establish an interaction between the elite, the popular and the contemporary, between low culture and high art.

De Deelstaat =

De Deelstaat = (The shared state equals) is a residency project of Extrapool, where other, foreign artist initiatives are invited to join in an intensive collaboration with Extrapool.

In this project, artist initiatives are seen as a ‘state’, with its own rules and working methods. The two states will, as shown in the title, form one state for the period of the collaboration. The = sign represents the sum of the two initiatives/states.

Extrapool initiates this project because it wants to investigate if its possible to establish a temporary state, in which the qualities, properties and methods of both states will be enlarged.

De Deelstaat = Extrapool + Sandarbh

The collaboration project between Sandarbh and Extrapool will start on 29 October 2011. The contexts, of Sandarbh and Extrapool, are combined in De Deelstaat =, both rules and methods of these groups will join in one project.

It will be an interactive project and will take place outside, in the city of Nijmegen. What is going to happen exactly will be left mostly to the artists themselves.

The work process will start in Extrapools house / artspace, with all its facilities and special possibilities. From there it continues outside of Extrapool, in the city of Nijmegen and its specific local situation.

The documentation of the works of the invited artists was shown in a final exhibition in Extrapool on 12 November 2011.

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