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Creative House Residency for Webbing

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23. Juni – 7. Juli 2012

Creative House: International Residency Ivan Smith

Künstlerkolonie Fichtelgebirge is launching their  International Artist-in-Residence Programme in the Fichtelgebirge, with the British Artist Ivan Smith.

Ivan Smith has worked extensively on an international platform developing commissions, residencies and exhibitions for the past twenty years.

Ivan Smith will live and work for two weeks in Bad Berneck im Fichtelgebirge, Bavaria, Germany, and will mark interesting locations and objects in this small town, stimulating conversations with the population about town regeneration. During his stay, Ivan Smith will work visibly on the streets, bridges and parks of Bad Berneck, and people will be invited to participate.

The installations are of a fleeting nature – in the few hours of their existence they aim to mark locations in the small town Bad Berneck in order to engage citizens and visitors to talk about the future of this formerly highly successful spa town. Ivan Smith’s work is meant to create a starting point for an ‘experimental mapping’ of the town, aiming to gain new perspectives for town development.

The ‘fleeting installations’ will be documented photographically and will be shown at an informal event at the end of the residency. Exhibitions of large format photographic prints are planned later in the year both in the region Fichtelgebirge and in the UK. Part of the artwork will also feature in an innovative QR-Code Project in Bad Berneck.

The Project takes place in collaboration with the town Bad Berneck, curators are Sabine Gollner and Nigel Amson from Creative House.


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