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Breaking Point


‘Breaking Point’ by Ivan Smith

Ivan Smith (UK) will be continuing to explore his interest in the mass produced, the man-made, and ultimately the obsolete, through a series of sculptures and purpose built installations.

The title of the exhibition ‘Breaking Point’ refers both to the nature of the materials that the objects are made from and the state in which they have been made; the political, environmental and humane tensions that exists particularly in Europe and with Europe’s new developing relationship with my own country.

The work developed for this exhibition consists of a series of wall-mounted sculptures and a series of environmental sculptural installations designed specifically for this space. Every element from all the works has originated from a previous artwork. All the previous works have their roots in temporary public sculptural installations developed of many years around the world. The original investigation into the mass-produced, manufactured objects and their relevance once obsolete begs the question “what happens to an artwork, particularly an ephemeral one, once it is obsolete?” This question has been bothering me for some time, is there a place for scrap artwork to be recycled or do I take it on myself to recycle the recycled, and does that mean the work is now permanent, and just another mass-produced item for the planet to consume?

The two new strands of artworks both work together and in opposition to each other. The wall-mounted works are a mass of bungee clips almost congealed in a permanent set form, which almost obliterates the original framing object inside. Whereas the more monumental spatial works plays with the notion of being partially or totally invisible, these contradictions may begin a dialogue regarding space, movement and form?

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