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A Tourist Everywhere in Jaipur India

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A Tourist Everywhere in Jaipur India features a series of public site-specific installations using suitcases called Luggage Mountain. The installation was placed in different environments in Jaipur.

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Luggage cases are being transported around the world, constantly in flux to desirable destinations that are often imagined in our dreams, on offer to us via modern media such as the Internet.

Inside the cases are our essential, functional and accessorial items neatly laid out, as if our lives and souls are coming with us on our journeys?

In this work I investigate  this ritual migration and displacement of cultural and personal artefacts, constantly moving across the globe to arrive at the destinations of our dreams.

The ritual encasing of luggage cases to a point where they become almost unnaturally organic objects; and their compilation into a single installation in the form of a mountain takes away the essence of the individual; and thereby the removal of the function of the cases creates a monument to ‘tourists everywhere’.

Sandarbh Jaipur 2015

Luggage Mountain – Multi site installation

30 Identical luggage cases, shrink-wrap plastic

The Shilpgram, Jawahar Kala Kendra
Jaipur Art Summit 2015

I showed images of the Luggage Mountain installation at an exhibition

I also re-installed the work in the exhibition

Luggage 1-100 – single sculpture

Plaster cast

A monument to the ancient traveller…

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